Just One Voice

“Just One Voice”
Each day I learn, reasearch and read.
About all the animals who are in need.
The circus, the rodeo, the fur and factory farm.
The pain, the fear, the unbelievable harm!

The research scientist who causes pain.
The dog in the yard chained in the rain.
The kitten drowned, the puppy burned.
These are just a few of the horrible tragedies
of which I’ve learned!

The innocent ones they have no choice.
The innocent ones they have no voice.
The horrors inflicted upon those so dear.
And so many people who do not want to hear.

Each of us, we have a choice.
Each of us, we have a voice.
Use your voice to educate.
Pass out leaflets, demonstrate.
Write letters, boycott stores.
Knock on all your neighbors doors.

Use your voice as I have mine.
You can help, it just takes time.

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