Echo Eden

Living in southern California can be a blessing or a curse. I enjoy good sunlight, good weather, decent people sometimes, and the culture and history that surrounds this place is truly inspiring. On the other hand, food and almost every other necessity of life are exorbitantly priced, smog is rampant and kills plants for several tens of meters near major highways. Traffic is in a word insane.

There is a bright ray of hope for some people living in San Diego, people who have been subsisting on chemically processed and over priced foods for far too long. Echo Eden is a project which I believe should be mirrored in every city on the planet. Moving food production back where it belongs, right near and among its intended consumers.

Go and look at their website (links below) for reams of information on the project. How you can help, who is involved, background information and future developments are all presented with typical San Diego artistic flair. With a decent amount of Ivy League intellect and organization behind it.



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