Radiation Still Leaking From Japan

send correction for radiation and DEThis is a picture of the radiation leaking from Japan.

During WW2 they did some test on the Hiroshima victims. Half were treated with Diatomaceous Earth and half didn’t get DE. The majority (don’t know the exact figure) treated with DE, survived.

I take DE daily to treat the heavy metal toxicity from the fillings in my teeth. The DE I use for my business I have¬†¬†ship from Canada. It has more of the Calcium Bentonite that is the detoxing element in DE. If you’re worried about exposure to radiation you can get it on my site. Most stores gouge the public for it and don’t tell people how to use and don’t carry Canadian DE however it was probably US mined DE that was used on the Hiroshima victims.


There are more important benefits to using Diatomaceous earth. You can read about them in the Blog


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