Organic Farming for Your Families Health

Organic anything is many times now days being used as nothing but a selling point. To top that crime off, there are companies who sell things that are anything but organic, yet still call it so on their packaging and advertising. These companies do not care what is in their food, and likely their executives do not even know. Other companies, while they do things right and produce excellent products, are taxed and fined and trod on by the system that works for the larger companies. Farmers markets are the only reliable place to get even slightly decent prices on organic and natural foods.

There is another way.

Home sufficiency. Home farming of as much of your household requirements as possible. There are many ways to do this. I myself am familiar with many, have worked with large scale vertical hydroponic gardens, and have gotten to the point of complete non-interest and distrust of our food supply. So, I have been looking for ways to do this in the very limited space I have in my apartment. Organic farming is simply done, pesticides are completely unnecessary if you do your research. They have only made themselves so prevalent by being a cheap and fast way to treat vast tracts of farmland.

In your own home, you can use this self contained unit to feed yourself and your family, organically.

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