This has been one of the worst years in San Diego history for fleas….

FleaTagWarningBanner…When this happens you have to think arsenal and expect a few fleas. If you’re lucky you can keep them down and avoid a full infestation. The good news is that if you have done your due diligence you will have a better years to come. With chemicals, the fleas will become immune and infestation will happen. if you have laid down a layer of DE in carpets, overstuffed furniture and under baseboard you will be protected. Fleas cannot get use to a mechanical method of extermination. If you read the literature, DE scrapes the exoskeleton and they bleed out and dry up. No bug can get use to that. If you have been feeding your animals DE their immune systems are up and they have no worms or parasites which mean they can resist future infestations. Use your arsenal;

  1. Daily vacuum
  2. Homemade flea trap
  3. Electronic flea units in every room. ( the ones that say they work on fleas)
  4. Even daily or spot treatment to your pets with DE(cover eyes and blow dust away from face) I tuck my pets head under my arm and dust, then put them on a rug so they can shake it off there.

It’s been a rough summer but if you’ve kept up with it I promise you a better summer next year even if the fleas are bad again. Please don’t cave into chemicals that will only poison you and your family and eventually do nothing to the fleas.

I am always available if you have any questions.

Janelle Diters, Owner | Operator



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