Safer… Cheaper…Healthy Pet Food

We now know that we can trust the government or the FDA or anyone else to protect out food, but did you know that there is no regulation as to the ingredients listed on pet food. You can put anything in it, and say anything about it without consequence, and unless you want to pay through the nose for the refrigerated stuff your probably feeding you pet road kill or worse, diseased animals that have been euthanized. Veterinary medicine works the same way as western medicine. Maintain a level of toxicity without it actually showing on the animal. Vets have stock in their own pharmaceuticals the same way your doctor does. I’m not saying this is true of every vet but it is standard practice for ‘Greedy Vets’ , (read article on Flea Free Organically website). I worked in medicine for 15 year before figuring this out.

I make my own healthy pet food now. Not only is it cheaper but way healthier! I can find chicken legs and quarter for 79 cents a lb and turkey burger for a little more. I bake it first then add organic vegetable stock, and chop more veggies in a processor. I have small animal now so I want the veggie pieces to be digestible for them. I also add garlic and safe spices, like Cumin, Turmeric and Ginger. There is still debate on these but I’ve done enough research to know that a little will do more good than harm. if you’re worried about what you ad to this soup, please do your own research.

Janelle Diters, Owner | Operatormetal and chemical toxicity

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