Confirmed: Fukushima caused 50 million times normal radiation levels in the ocean‏… Can DE Help???

Confirmed: Fukushima caused 50 million times normal radiation levels in the ocean‏… Can DE Help???

There’s a lot of breaking news about Fukushima all over the world but for some reason this important news is not being picked up by the stations in California….I don’t know what that means unless you consider the number of  stations owned by members of congress but you can speculate.

For starters, a paper published in a science journal reveals that Fukushima leaked enormous quantities of radioactive material into the Pacific ocean, leading to radiation readings that were 50 million times normal levels.

In addition, it has also now been admitted by TEPCO that Fukushima leaked “26 billion becquerels of radioactive materials” including strontium, an extremely dangerous radioactive element with a half life of roughly 30 years (so it persists in the marine food chain).

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In addition, we received word today that the southern wall of Fukushima reactor unit #4 has collapsed, leading to speculation that the structural integrity of the containment building may be failing, with the possibility of an imminent collapse of the rest of the building. This has not yet been confirmed by multiple sources, but photos have emerged (see link above). Here’s our original precautionary alert on this issue, just to be on the safe side:

Diatomaceous Earth is the only know element that is effective against radiation poisoning that is safe. If you don’t get it from us, get from someone. One tablespoon a day is all you need. I am presently doing more research on the subject of its affects on radiation. The extra Calcium Bentonite the is in FFO DE is what makes it a superior heavy metal detox and may also be additionally therapeutic in treating radiation poisoning. Test were done on the victims of Hiroshima after wwii and those test have since been duplicated with similar results. I believe ours is superior but I repeat, I don’t care where you get it just make sure its food grade and use it. Articles on the benefits and symptoms of heavy metal toxicity are listed on the Flea Free Organically site.

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