Pet Food Recipe

Universal Pet Food Recipe: for pet that need high protein

(No corn or soy unless organic)

(pumpkin or sweet potatoes (both cats and dogs love this)


Ground fresh broccoli


Ground turkey or leg quarters

Vegetable or chicken stock (organic)

Oregano, poultry seasoning (no salt as these meats are salty)

Bake the meat first then ad to stock

Cook with bone in until the meat falls off the bone

Add vegetable and cook another 15 minutes

Remove bones and add all to food processor and grind until a paste forms (this helps with digestion assimilation)

Add 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of Diatomaceous Earth, per cup of paste. This is the usually dose for most cats and dogs up to 60lbs. It will not harm them if they get a little more than what is recommended for their weight.

Since my cat and dog have similar weights I add the DE to the entire mix. You can add the DE at each meal if you like.

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