Why The Tower Garden Project?

Why The Tower Garden Project?

Fish no longer eat other fish. Cattle eat corn, even though it makes them sick. Chickens eat corn and fish. And fish eat byproducts from cows and poultry.

Even chicken feathers have become food.

California grows oranges, but sends them away because they’re too difficult to peel. The oranges Californians eat come from Australia.

The food chain doesn’t look like it used to.

Demand for more food, and cheaper food, has created a food chain that’s motivated by making the greatest amount of food, at the cheapest cost. It’s efficient, if you measure efficiency by corporate profits. But in terms of health and the environment?

Corn & Soy?

It’s been linked to a host of major health problems, including cancer, reproductive disorders, neurotoxicity and auto-immune disorders.

It’s devastating to the environment. And even the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) concedes that it could trigger a new crop of superweeds.

But that hasn’t stopped the USDA from signaling that it’s about to approve new GMO corn and soy varieties that are engineered to withstand massive amounts of 2,4-D—the same “Agent Orange” concoction used by the U.S. Army to defoliate jungles and destroy food crops during the Vietnam War.

What happens if Dow AgroSciences gets the green light for its new “Enlist” brand corn and soy? Scientists predict a 50-fold increase in the use of the highly toxic 2,4-D herbicide. And instead of just spraying the toxins on weeds, farmers will now be spraying them on the corn and soy itself.

It should be a crime for seed companies like Monsanto to release genetically engineered crops into the environment. Knowing that those crops will eventually contaminate organic and conventional, non-GMO crops.

Yet they do. Without any accountability. Because instead of putting the onus on companies like Monsanto to prevent contamination, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) just asks that everyone—organic, non-GMO and GMO farmers—just “coexist.” Voluntarily.

Why can’t non-GMO and organic farmers just “get along” with the biotech?

Because an industry as reckless and monopolistic as the biotech industry, an industry that harms health, destroys biodiversity, damages the environment, tortures and poisons animals, destabilized the climate and economically devastates the world’s 1.5 billion seed-saving small farmers—with impunity—has no real interest in “getting along” with farmers who haven’t bought into the GMO program.

Monsanto is spending millions to spin its lies in mainstream media.

The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) is pushing Congress to push the envelope by passing a law to preempt state GMO labeling laws, a law that would also allow the use of the word “natural” on products that contain GMOs.

And in Washington State, where the GMA was caught breaking campaign finance laws, it’s desperately retaliating with countersuits and accusations that the laws are “unconstitutional” and the attorney general has violated the lobbying group’s civil rights.

There is progress being made but much of our food will be damaged. The only way to protect yourself is to ‘Grow Your Own Groceries’ Make sure you buy your plants from a reputable nursery, not Target or Wallmart, If you start from seed, be sure to buy them from a seed company that does not sell GMO seeds not the packets from the grocery store stand.

  1. Territorial Seed Company
  2. Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company
  3. Burpee Seed





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