90% of Diseases and Other Ailments Come From a Dirty Colon

Detoxification of the body and colon cleansing:  The origins of almost all diseases can be located in a colon with toxins. Most of the intestines, in all its lenght, are overwhelmed with old fecal matter, which only leaves a small space to pass stool smaller and softer. The colon is the purifying system of the body. If the waste colon grows they decompose and are absorbed through the intestinal wall from the bloodstream. These toxins poison the nervous system and brain with effects of depression, weakness, irritability and lethargy. The breath becomes foul because the toxins poison your lungs. To bloated and lethargic as the toxins accumulate in the digestive tract. The skin becomes yellowish, unhealthy looking by toxins floating in the blood. Each organ of the body is affected and we will look and feel older, your joints become painful and the eyes are off and thoughts become slower. Bentonite is beneficial for all ages, promotes the growth of children and stimulates their defenses, maintains the state of health of adults and is an excellent tonic for the nervous system, regulates the body’s organs (kidneys, liver, lungs) and slows the physical deterioration of the elderly and their trace element maintains the immune system. Uses: Abscesses, mouth sores, vaginitis, heartburn, diarrhea, and malaise gastroenterocolitis. Psoriasis, acne, dermatitis, eczema and cellulite. Sore throat. Irritable bowel syndrome. Hemorrhoids. Menstrual cramps (pain). Rheumatism. Bacterial food poisoning, organic and inorganic. Liver detoxification and to stimulate liver function. As part of the short-term programs to promote good health. Heavy metal removal and recovery of chemicals and radiation therapy. Reduction of free radical damage (thus anti-aging). Improves immune system function, cellular respiration and digestive efficiency. Reduces sensitivity to food (“allergies”). Promotes healing by strengthening the body overall.

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