‘The Battle of the Flea’

I have fleas…yes, the flea lady has fleas. I moved into a new apartment last summer and the previous owner had a flea problem. Even though the rugs were shampooed which kills most fleas, there will be a few eggs left to start a new culture. My first attempt to use De on the rugs did work. I followed my own suggestion and vacuumed after 3 weeks. My poor pet scratched all night. I came desperately close to using the very toxins I proselytize against, remembering fondly my service dog who died from them. I always tell my customers” you can win the battle but not the war”. What most don’t understand is that a few fleas is a good thing. it means that whatever your doing is working. Cherish those few flea and get a flea come to handle them.

I finally determined to try again for the sake of my customers, realizing what they are going through and why many quit and go back to toxic chemicals. Now that I’ve been through what many of you have gone through, I can tell you that it does work. If you love you pet and family, please don’t give up. After you’ve read this I am hoping you will continue to fight the good fight for the sake of you family and pets.

Last summer was the worst in history for San Diego Fleas. This summer promises the same if not worse. The reason some bugs proliferate in cities is because of the miss use of the soil. City and farm soil has been depleted of its natural content of DE by about 15% or more. That’s why we don’t get it in our food and consequently the lack of it in our bodies. Silica is necessary for all life. If you don’t have enough of it in your body you are open to opportunistic diseases. Cancer for instance can’t live is a body with trace amounts of silica. More studies are being done on this which I routinely monitor. Bugs would not be able to proliferate as much as they do in cities if the soil had its content of silica.

When the first application didn’t work after three week of not vacuuming I decided to use a little more and try to get into the nooks and crannies of a rugged home, including under the base boards. I had a very effective strainer and will try to find it to resell.  Its been two months now and I am finally rid of the fleas. But who wants to go two month without vacuuming? Unfortunately when you take your pet out for a walk they will pick up more fleas, hence the reason your pets will have an occasional flea. I believe I used enough to get all the hatching fleas. Even though two to three weeks is the usually gestation period for hatching fleas, they propagate so fast that any new flea colonies are  introduced to the environment and will reproduce rapidly. That’s why it is important to get rid of as many as you can with a two month period of leaving De in the rugs. I will be vacuuming it up to see if it continues to remain effective. If I notice an increase I will reapply. My suggestion to any one with rugs…get rid of them. They don’t just harbor insects, they are bacterial factories and what do your babies crawl on? A word of caution here. Try to keep young children off the rugs until the dust has settled. They are so close to it the dust, it could irritate their eyes. Some proponent of chemical flea treatments will try to convince you that breathing it is dangerous. It can be but only for people who handle a lot. Like me, or the people who mine it. Consider the source when listening to nay-sayers.

If you have a garden, please apply it there as well. It will reduce any bug infestation and help to keep the flea population down. It’s also good for your plants.

Here are more things you can do to keep your home Free of Fleas;

When fighting a flea infestation you have to think arsenal. Use as many weapons as are available.

* Try to find one of those electronic flea zappers you plug into your wall.  Try to find one that says it works on fleas. The pesticide companies have worked hard to get them off the market.

* During the first month wash your pet if they will allow it. Cats can be difficult. Eventually the fleas will be reduced on most cats if they are healthy. Their saliva contains a natural pesticide but it will take longer for them to reduce the fleas from their bodies because their fur will hold eggs. Use of a flea comb helps.

* FFO works well but it really helps to get it into your pet. A healthy immune system will resist flea infestation better. All animals, are always carrying worms, and parasites as are their owners. One in three people has worms and parasites and all pet owners have them. You’d be surprised at the number of people I meet who insist their pets don’t have worms. Unless they have been chemical de-wormed, which shortens their life span and makes them susceptible to disease and the local veterinarian bottom line…they have worms. Because of their proximity to the ground and their habits (licking, cleaning, foraging with their mouths etc.)…they have worms!  Denial is a big part of the problem.

* If you leave the soap on for a few minutes during pet baths, it will kill the fleas. Use a flea come when bathing as well.

* If you have a garden, Use Nematodes.

I will be re-pricing so the more you buy the less expensive it will be. The amount I sell is mainly for internal use, and one pet families with area rugs and furniture.

* Use Smart Choice! . It is vegan based, safe if consumed, non toxic and kills many bugs. Mosquitoes spiders and fleas. It kills fleas instantly but has no lasting effect. It repels mosquitoes so use it on your skin. It also spot kills all flying insects but is complety safe for humans to ingest in small amounts. 5drops to a quart of water will reduce the amount of Nitrates and Nitrites in your system. Food companies add it to foods unnecessarily.

* Neem Oil: . If you add a tablespoon of Neem oil in that last wash it will retard fleas for a week or more depending on your infestation. Add it directly to the shampoo.

* I haven tried the electric flea comb yet but generally all you need is a bowl of soapy water when combing with a flea comb.

If you want to keep chemical out of your home you must be willing to do what ancient civilizations did. The Egyptians and Mayans used DE as a pesticide. They knew how to use it.


These meds …all of them are carcinogistic neurotoxins. That means they attach the nervous system of the flea but to us, it mean cancer of all types but especially those that attack the nervous system. What? Did you think… it only worked on fleas? Do you thing that the spot flea treatments only go through the dog or cats skin and not yours or your child’s? Surprisingly, this is what the general public think. Transdermal means it goes through the skin, you pets skin, your skin and you new babies skin, the minute your done apply it to the family pet, it is still active and can go through the skin of the next person you touch.

Now you know the worst of it and we can get down to the business of spending time instead of money on winning the ‘Battle of the Flea’

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