Open Letter To Veterinarians…

I’m on your mailing list because I want to gather all the info I can concerning animals. My service dog died from a reaction to a spot flea treatment. I did some research and found out that farmers have use diatomaceous earth for over 60 years, other cultures for 3000 years. They put it in the cattle feed to kill intestinal parasites and worms then they put it in the grain silos to kill the bugs. I work with an agricultural scientist and market ‘Protection Products’ that protect us from government sanctioned toxins, like flea treatments. They are not ‘harmless’ and I’m getting tired of hearing this from vets. People are wising up. They know these meds are anything but safe. Don’t you think it’s time to stop telling people they are? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be one of the first in your profession to tell the truth and suggest alternatives. I am compiling an ‘Arsenal’ of flea options including Diatomaceous Earth, but not limited to it. It’s a way of winning the battles but not the war on fleas. If we understand that ‘fleas’ are normal and we will never eradicate them completely then we can understand our situation a little better. We must learn to live with them. A few fleas are ok, it’s the infestation we must fight against. My Kody was part wolf and allergic to fleas, and ┬áthe only reason I gave him the flea treatment. All I had to do was look at his face, he know it was bad and hated it until the day he died. I believe if the intestinal track is treated with Diatomaceous Earth, the immune system will no long be compromised and the ability to fight infestation will increase. I believe it may help with allergies as well (your thoughts?)
When I finish my ‘Arsenal’ I will forward it to you with the suggestion that you be honest with your clients/patients and perhaps start carrying more natural, less toxic means to win the battle of the flea. Education isn’t as easy as a quick fix but if you look at the broader picture for the damage it is doing to people, pets and the earth, there isn’t a quick fix for that.

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