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I don’t have any that I know of and havent since I started 6 years ago. The only negative text was put there by a former friend. We all know how dangerous they can be. I did noting to her there was no argument but if your smart you cut ties with people who don’t share your honor code.  Its never a good idea to have an online war. This is the only respone i sent her and the last. She post neagtive coment on the reporter site that is/was going to do my story when I refused to take her calls.

Its unfortunate that some people would rather blame others than take responsibility for their own pets. Some animal have propensities for some diseases. Many are getting human diseases because of their exposure to household and pet toxins which is why I started Flea Free Organically in the first place. These chemicals couples with irresponsible pet owners who over feed or feed the wrong things to their pets compounds the problem. The post on this page the other day was unfortunate. I know this person and tried to help her and her older Dachshund who was so heavy she couldn’t walk. If she fed Diatomaceous Earth to Greta it most likely delayed the onset of her pancreatitus. What’s upsetting to me is that she knows this and posted that complaint anyway. Her post was a personal attack and nothing more. What is even more unfortunate is that this women was more interested in her personal vendetta with me but didn’t stop to think of what she would be doing to people who might take her warning to heart and not use Diatomaceous Earth, exposing pets and family needlessly. This person is no longer in my life because of this lack concern for others. But she did have a good point. Always, and I tell this to everyone who is using Diatomaceous Earth  for the first time, do your research when you are faced with something new. Fortunately  the new research on Diatomaceous Earth  is astounding. We know it is used in cases of radiation poisoning but it is also good for people with cancer who have to go though radiation therapy and chemo. Diatomaceous Earth  also attaches to chemicals and flushes them out. The research is available online and on my web blog:

Enough said. If you have any question I would be happy to answer them as best I can
Janelle Diters, Owner | Operator

Wow this woman is really desperate. I will be removing her from my FB This is what she did to several other women at the complex. She is one of those people who needs constant drama and negative attention and can only get it by bulling people with lies. Ive been in business for 6 years and this is the only complaint I’ve ever had and since it is from a former friend it would indicate a personal vendetta. It seems pretty obvious to me and I hope it does to my customs as well. We have all had toxic people in our lives. They are hard to deal with. FYI I was evicted because my funding for north county ran out. It had nothing to do with any conduct. There is a lot of half truths and outright lies here. Nuff said. This person is violent and I have had to hire damage control to take care it. It you have any question or comments please don’t hesitate to call.

Once information is on the net, it’s difficult to hide it or erase it. I don’t have to worry so much because Im everywhere on the net and in every country. I don’t think you have much business and a local search with your name would be very revealing. But you…once I let people know the con your running you won’t be able to show your face to anyone who has a computer and knows how to do a background search, including school records.  Data bank software doesn’t take but a week for a 10 yr old to learn. I’ve been on your computer, you have no memory, ram or graphics card and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You never should have let me see your computer.

Anyone who knows computer knows how to use a cell phone.  A cell phone is nothing but a computer!  You claim to really know computers and most people who say that ….don’t know computers! Grade school kids do it all the time and get reamed. You don’t know how to use a cell phone let along a Smartphone which is nothing but a computer! That’s the reason I didn’t introduce you to Echo Eden. Three of the six of us knew graphics way beyond your capabilities. Many were computer experts, not just wanna be’s. You only know 1/10th of one % of PS and that percentage is what the people who are first introduced to PS get excited about. None of what you use is neither  professional or noteworthy. Any professional looking at your work will know this. You don’t know any of the industry standards  for graphics and refused my offer to teach them to you…why I wonder? Could it be because if I attempted to teach you I would learn how inept you really are with computers?

Stick to bullying old ladies at the ET, there will always be new ones for you to use. Erasing things off the internet is difficult, especially for individuals. Get on with your life Linda. Your making a fool of yourself and its really obvious. I can’t fight your lies and scams but I can fight you with the truth.


I will not respond to you online, you’re on your own there.


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