This is my response to an article published by NaturalNew.


This is my response to an article published by NaturalNew. ‘We Live In An Insane World

Note: Natural News is probably the best source for health and health politics.

This is great news!..My business Flea Free Organically’s main product is diatomaceous earth. I carry exclusively a diatomaceous earth with more Calcium Bentonite which is the Heavy Metal de-tox factor in DE. Animals have three time the heavy metals that we do and has been a concern of mine for many years. I do what I can to educate people at the farmers markets but you are in a position to do so much more. You may not agree with some of the research and that’s ok. If I’m wrong in any area of my research I welcome substantiated corrections.

On your submission on the ‘We Live In an Insane World’ pub. ’13.I believe that life is cyclical. The things that are happening now are necessary to wake people up. The apathetic¬† are waking up. The movement for a better world will push back what is happening now. Science will correct the damage to the earth and common sense will prevail. The term Critical Thinking is now a hot button. We live in a didactic world of positives and negatives that overbalance from time to time which is the natural order of things. We may not see the world correct itself, maybe not in our lifetime but the world will be a better place someday because of what is happening today.

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