You Can Help From This Woman’s Slander/Libel…

Why would anyone go online an trash someone who got free products for three years but waits until her calls are no long taken, to trash someone online?

When I think about the two women before me that this woman has literally destroyed, both in their 80’s, one had a stroke after 2 years of psychologically abuse and the other is now a recluse and no longer comes out of her apartment.

She is now posting personal info on the internet, and attaching half truths to it as well as outright lies. This is what she did to the other two woman. It’s hard to fight lies, even if you have personal integrity, you don’t reciprocate with lies about that person. I have responded to the initial slander but nothing else. I chose not to slander her…I chose to ignore her…she, on the other hand has chosen to take my personal information and give it her personal twist. Anyone looking at this stuff aside from people who can’t think for themselves will be disgusted by what she is doing to my business…I don’t care about me, but she can actually jeopardizing the health and welfare of my clients/customers and those seeking help for their pets and family. Even though she has adopted special animals (all habitually over weight for the three years I knew her)  I wonder why, if she does this to my business. I don’t make much money in fact I refer to it as a community service. I can choose ink or groceries most days.

You can help. This woman’s only talent seems to be in destroying and slandering. I have consulted a specialist and they tell me that if my business suffers I need to document  it. I need to submit a ‘Cease and Desist’ order and more importantly, my customers and those who have used my nutritive grade diatomaceous earth and understand it needs to post positive comments on my FB and Google +, accounts as well as my website. For future reference if this happens to you remember the steps to protect yourself.

Been in business for 6 years now with no negative responses and hope to be in business for a lot longer baring any more toxic people. Odd that I’m in the business of protecting people from toxic chemicals…seems now…I’m now in the business of protection people from toxic people!!

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