heavy metals are contained in organic rice, vitamins, green tea, superfood

New research suggests that heavy metals are contained in organic rice, vitamins, green tea, superfoods and others not previously know to contain heavy metals.

Diatomaceous Earth binds with and captures lead, cadmium, arsenic, mercury, aluminum, uranium and even copper
Aluminum reduction

Arsenic reduction

Cadmium reduction

Copper reduction

Lead reduction

Mercury reduction

Uranium reduction

The normal dose for humans is one Tablespoon to be taken to reduce the heavy Metals contained in foods, herbs and superfoods that we now know may contain heavy metals.

We now know widespread heavy metals contamination in organic rice protein, herbal supplements, greens powders, cacao, sushi, seaweeds, calcium supplements, green tea, sunflower seeds and much more contain more heavy metals than they should. Nutritional


Diatomaceous Earth can help your body capture and naturally eliminate toxic heavy metals found in many different foods, superfoods and beverages, before those heavy metals get absorbed into your blood.


This is an important solution to Chinese Medicine herbs that often contain high lead! It’s also a way to bind with and support your body’s natural elimination of lead found in tea, cadmium in cacao and coffee, mercury in fish, arsenic in sushi and even lead and copper in even vitamin pills.


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