Diatomaceous Earth: Heavy Metals

Im re-posting this article because it is typical of what our government is doing and has been doing since the Korean war. There are many ways to protect yourself against heavy metal toxicity but ‘Nutritional grade’ Diatomaceous Earth is the safest, healthiest, most effective and cheapest way to de-tox them from your system. Mercury, as we know is especially bad given the increase of Autism as are others, such as aluminum. 60% of all new cases of Alzheimer, ADHD, Autism and other diseases are directly related to heavy metals. Our furry friend have 3 times the amount of heavy metals that we do….3 times…and their bodies so much smaller than our. The danger to smaller animals is particularly traumatizing for them and us.

Is The CDC Deliberately Hiding the Truth about the Link between Autism and Mercury in Vaccines?

The latest scandal to hit the CDC is explosive: what appears to be a deliberate cover-up of damming scientific data.

Are HPV Vaccine-Linked Deaths Being Overstated?
With all due respect, the question is not the number of reported deaths, but why they are not being investigated.

You can help by following ANH-USA on Facebook and Twitter….and by staying informed. Check in regularly at: http://www.anh-usa.org/index.php?s=anhusa is the first step in protecting yourself. That, and never drink tap water.

It is no longer just my opinion that fluoridation in our water is sanctioned by our government because of its sedation properties. It works like a truth serum by making us more apathetic and suggestible. Prozac-oid drugs do the same thing. When these drugs first came out our government tried to get them put in our water as well. Hummm, wonder why?

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