Twice As Much’ Radiation as Originally Reported

Radiation levels continue to be falsely reported

Urgent, the radiation will increase in the pacific ocean and on the coastline and beaches of CA and the entire west coast of the United States and Canada! People swimming and eating fish and seafood from the Pacific need to DETOX THEMSELVES. One of the simpliest ways of doing that is with Diatomaceous Earth. You can do it with Iodine which can be dangerous or with some foods but that method may not be enough. You can also use Zeolite but the structure of Diatomaceous Earth is more absorbent and benificial. If you use the Nutritional grade DE which is what we sell you will have to stop taking any calcium supplements, the Bentonite serves as a supplement.

The Japanese nuclear power company continues to lie to the people of Japan and to the world about the true levels of radiation released into the atmosphere, ground and into the Pacific Ocean! TEPCO also continues to dump millions of gallons of radioactive waste into the Pacific Ocean nonstop every single day to contaminate the plant life, insects, fish, ocean life and animals. We are now being told not to eat any Tuna and large fish at all because the radiation levels are unsafe to put into our body’s and Fukushima radiation is now verified to be moving into the coast of California and the beaches will soon be polluted with this radiation! There is now verified proof of DNA damage and mutations throughout the food chain and we humans are next to suffer! and if we don’t detox our bodies will suffer! Experts recommend to commence detoxing with the natural mineral Diatomaceous Earth or Zeolite that is proven to safely remove both radiation and heavy metals from the human body. This detox is VERY important to help prevent DNA damage that will cause disease and future ongoing mutations! For more quality information do an online search for any website with corroborating information.

The spokesperson for the Washington Environmental Sciences Section says that the levels of radiation in California and along the Eastern Pacific Coast are nothing more than what we would be exposed to by ‘getting a simple X-ray’. On the contrary, many experts believe that we are being kept in the dark over the radiation levels inside the United States. One such expert has reported that the levels are, in fact, ‘twice as much’ as we have been originally told.

We can first look at the lack of real monitoring, as well as the professionals who are raising the real concerns over this issue. Dan Sythe, the CEO of International Medcom, believes that the lack of federal monitoring of radiation levels reaching California from Japan are suspect. Sythe reports that the radiation now reaching California is at the front edge of the plume and the concentration is expected to increase for the next two to three years.

“It is worrisome,” he said, “that what’s happening now in Japan will reach North America in about three years.”

Nuclear Expert Arnie Gunderson says that:

In addition to the radioactive plume off the Canadian coast], there’s also another plume heading a little bit further south, down near Oregon coast into California… We are not at the peak, it’s still coming, and it will continue to come as long as Fukushima continues to bleed into the Pacific, we’re seeing the beginning of this… The problem is that the fish that live in that water bioaccumulate that material . . . there will still be a huge residual amount of radiation in the soil and in the groundwater so that the site will continue to bleed into the Pacific a century or more.”

Gunderson has testified in court about other potential nuclear hazards, and his resume is lengthy in the field.


There have been reports of ‘low-flying-homeland-security helicopters’ testing background radiation in Baltimore ‘in preparation for a nuclear attack,’ but why are no planes testing the waters off the Pacific Coast? Some argue that these flights are part of the Feds gearing up for a larger potential nuclear fallout from Fukushima than they have intimated.

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At the beginning of the year, a program called Kelp Watch 2014 promised that 19 academic and government institutions would take part in measuring California’s sea kelp beds. Results from the first sampling can be found here. The report states that ‘Cesium-137 was detected in all West Coast samples at very low levels,’ but what of the three-year build up that nuclear experts speak of?

There are also still tons of radioactive materials flowing into the ocean due to the recent breakdown of a barrier at the TEPCO plant. What projections or current samples taken can account for the new toxic waste still contaminating our oceans?

The Fukushima incident still has not been cleaned or contained, and yet the US has over 100 operating nuclear reactors in 31 states, many of which are aged and in need of service. What’s more, South Korea just announced that they will build four more nuclear reactors. Meanwhile, Germany, China, and Italy are growing their use of solar power. You can’t have a solar spill or a ‘reactor blow out’ from utilizing the sun’s rays. Isn’t it time we changed out power paradigm?

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