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Teaching people how to used safe natural products instead of dangerous chemicals that poison them, their families and pets

Starting Flea Free Organically was for the purpose of educating people about the diseases caused by pesticides and food additive, and to let them know about choices that they may have to reduce the dangers compromising our society from the basic irresponsibility of our government in protecting us from the known pathogens and to felicitate a change in a reliance on pharmaceuticals and chemicals and western medicine to the more natural alternatives based on good nutrition, appropriate supplementation with a balance between the two disciplines for a shift to subjective health methods based on self reliance and education.

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I am passionate about this business and would like to take it to the next level. I would like to speak at local libraries and schools and plan on publishing a small book What I do is teach people about options. Flea Free Organically is more of a community service but in order to keep it going I will need help. For the past 5 years I haven’t made enough to buy both food and printer ink.

I am not physically able to do the Farmers Markets anymore and must reorganize to survive. I need help in whatever form that takes. If, after reading this you feel the way I do about pesticides and the companies who proliferate on the illnesses it causes in pets and people please contact me.

What we need;

*A van that is suitable for wraparound advertising and deliveries.

*Donation are welcome. A button is provided in the menu bar for convenience.

Description: Flea Free Organically offers a centuries old way to handle flea’s, worms, heart-worm, heavy metals, and even radiation poisoning By approaching the problem systemically, in food, fur, rugs, and garden with one, healthy, organic product, pesticides, chemical Spot Treatments And DE-Wormings, are no longer needed and in fact, never were.

60 + % of these diseases that are on the increase and are directly related to pesticides!

* Birth defects

* Sterility


* Alzheimer’s

* Autism

* Cancer

We provide ‘Protection Products‘ to combat government sanctioned/subsidized toxins.

1) Diatomaceous Earth Nutritional Grade (One grade above food grade, contains more Calcium Bentonite) FDA (gras), USDA, OMRI and Listed in the International Food Codex. treats fleas, worms and heavy metals organically with ONE product. Increases calcium reduces arthritis pain. DE has many benefits. It is an all around replacement for all insecticides but is safe for human and animal consumption and in fact promotes good health in many ways.

2) Mutter Butter: One Treat per Day or Less depending on size of the dog. Treats Worms, Heavy Metals, arthritis and protects against radiation and heart worm. Now contains Turmeric.

3) Smart Choice: Proprietary, antiseptic degreaser, soil amendment, that reduces Ammonium Nitrates/Nitrites to healthier levels in humans and pets. Even works in your plant water to areate the soil and increase root nutrient uptake.

The following products will be sold once reorganization is established.

4) Beti Glucan, multi-mushroom supplement. Maitake, Shitake & Reishi Mushrooms.

5) Pro~fe and Pro~c: propriatiary pro-biotics for dogs and cats

Please contact me if you would like more information

Janelle Diters, Owner | Operator

760-331-4525 or 619-847-5310

Janelle Diters, Owner | Operator

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