Candida Decomposes The Body After Death

Better illistration of DE diatomaceous earth

Candida Decomposes The Body After Death. Candida is a naturally occurring yeast used to decompose the body after death. So it probably not a good thing to have too much of it while we are still alive. People that suffer from an overabundance of yeast like Candida, or any other type of fungal infection, need to cut out sugars. This protocol has worked for many people, and it works faster and better than any medication as long as the diet is right, refined sugars are not ingested, and the body is not filled with toxic pharmaceuticals. This includes vaccines. Vaccinations have toxins in them that kill gut flora and weaken the immune system.

Good to Know

If you don’t have your appendix, if you get regularly vaccinated, or if you have mercury fillings, you should take a good quality probiotic every day for the rest of your life.

If you have allergies, asthma, headaches, cancer or diabetes; if you see floaters, or if you have almost any other ailment or disease, you have too much Candida.

It’s not just white sugar and high fructose corn syrup that feed Candida. Agave nectar, coconut sugar, dates, fresh pressed fruit, carrot or beet juices, raw honey, and brown rice syrup all feed Candida in the body. Ho;wever we can combat Candida by taking Nutritional Grade Diatomaceous Earth. Nutritional grade diatomaceouls earth is one grade above food grade and is a natural calcium supplement so be sure to stop taking any calcium suppliments while taking it;

If you’ve have taken antibiotics, you need to heal your gut and rebuild the healthy bacteria in your system.

Candida makes you crave sugar. When you feed the body sugar, you feed the Candida. It multiplies. The fungus eats you when it gets hungry, so you feed it again. This is a very simplistic way of putting it, and there is so much more going on, but this explanation is close enough for these purposes.

Candida can cause joint pain, stiffness, slow healing, and an inability to heal.

Candida can lie dormant for up to six months. When everything is back in control, keep in mind that Candidia is always ready and able to spring back into life if it’s fed. You have to keep the gut balanced even after you heal it with a proper diet.

This, protocol only works with the right diet. That’s also true for anything that will kill excess Candida and balance the body. Diet is key, alone with the profolactic precaution of a daily does of Diatomaceous Earth.


A healthy diet consists of 80% or more raw, fresh, organic produce. Eat more vegetables than fruit. This is imperative for anyone who is ridding the body of Candida. Big salads (see the first source below for a recipe) are the foundation of a healthy diet that balances the digestive system.

No refined foods. Whole foods only. Make smoothies with coconut water, whole pineapple (it’s juicy), unsweetened nut milk or water instead of fruit juice. Make nut milks at home with sprouted nuts. Take extra supplements when consuming pineapple or grapes, as they are very high in sugars. And remember to limit fruit until your gut is balanced.

Gluten and Candida do not mix. If the gut is unwell, gluten is causing serious problems. Nobody with Candida overgrowth should be attempting to digest gluten. A gut with an excess of Candida has holes in it. When gluten breaks through the gut undigested, it is toxic to the body.

Do not drink anything that is sweetened unless it’s sweetened with stevia. Anyone with hypoglycemia or diabetes should use stevia with caution, as it can be problematic, but it doesn’t feed Candida. The second source below has a cranberry lemonade recipe to help detox.


Supplements that are known to combat fungus include wormwood, black walnut hull, Spanish black radish, Pau d’Arco,goldenseal,coptischinensis, ginger, cinnamon, and olive leaf extract. All of these are great to have around, and a few of them are exceptional at killing parasites, viruses, and bacterial infections (coptischinensis, wormwood, black walnut hull, Spanish black radish) but while they are certainly antifungal, they’re not the strongest solution to kill excess Candida. Baring any of the above, 2t to 1T a day of Nutritional Diatomaceous Earth will work as well to get rid of candida. Im proving diet is optimum but that is a lifestyle change that is challenging to most. Start by getting rid of Candida with Diatomaceous earth then implement a life style change a little at a time. This method is less challenging to most.

My favorite is of course Diatomaceoud Earth as the simplest method but a combination for eliminating excess yeast in my body and balancing the gut flora is undecenoic acid, very high quality probiotics, and an intestinal detox that repairs the gut and kills parasites. It’s also a good idea to use an additional supplement that’s a parasite killer such as a supplement with wormwood and black walnut hulls or just try a daily dose of Diatomaceous Earth which also kills parasites and worms. We all have worms. Your doctor wont tell you because the western medicines cure is worse than the disease. This is true for animals as well. Another advantage to using Diatomaceous Earth is that is cheaper. A 5lb bags is about $15 on the Flea Free site. By next summer we will be caring probiotics and beta Glucan again as part of our ‘Protection Products’ regime. Smart Choice will clean you vegetables, get rid of germs and bacteria and a few drops in you drinking water will reduce Nitrites and Nitrates to healthier levels.

So when you finally decide to change your lifestyle think about adding Protection Products. We still have to defend ourselves from government sanctioned toxins such as detergents and food additives. Its a shame but until be break the collusion in our government, big pharma and the FDA we have to protect ourselves. Not as long as they continue to line their pockets with our dependence on poor quality food, toxins and pharmaceuticals.



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