Does Using Smart Choice Makes the Difference

Initial design 2Does using Smart Choice Makes the Difference? I can’t tell you what a difference using Smart Choice and a flea comb has made in the ‘battle of the fleas’ Yes you can use Dawn (recommended) but why not use a multi-purpose product that, by the way softens the fur as well as cleans it. When the animal licks himself he/she is getting enough into in their system to lower Nitrites and Nitrates to acceptable levels so there is no need to add it to their water. But don’t forget to add a few drops to your drinking water and while you at it, put some in your plant water to aerate and balance the ph in the soil. So… we have just given you a few of the way Smart Choice can help keep you pet healthy and kill some fleas in the process but did you know that it is an antiseptic, killing 99.9% of all germs including Salmonella and E Coli? What a great way to get rid of the pesticide on your produce. Pesticides are oil based and Smart Choice was used by the government on oil spills for 30 years so it clean and sanitized your food and gets rid of the pesticides. Its also an excellent hand sanitizer. Use it on your tooth brush and sink sponge. Wow….all that in one product!

Smart Choice is vegetable based, using micillis, choloidal, nano technology. For anyone wanting   the complete scientific breakdown of Smart Choice,  just shoot an email to and we will be happy to send it to you.

Use a small shot glass big enough to submerge your flea comb. Fill it with hot water and a tablespoon of Smart Choice. Put some Diatomaceous earth on whatever surface you will be using to comb your pet. This will kill any fleas that jump off while you are combing. Just a little but spread it out, fleas can jump a long way.  I start at the head but do a little extra combing around the tail area. With this method you won’t have to bath the animal as much. Resist putting Smart Choice in bath water. It will dilute it too much and us it up too fast. We have reduced the price of Smart Choice to $7. Deliveries within a 10 mile radius of downtown  San Diego. We come to North County on Tuesdays and will deliver there as well.

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