Evaluation of Flea Control Products

Logo“As stated by the U.S. Environmental shelter agency (U.S. Epa) Evaluation of Flea Control Products reveals an adverse reaction in pets treated with these merchandise”

While Advantage can sometimes, help prevent flea outbreaks on your dogs and cats, this is a substance made up of chemicals that have been linked in scientific studies to adverse reactions in lab animals. Hence you’ll see that there are over 90% of the ingredients found in Advantage are listed as “inert”, which simply means that those substances are not safe and can potentially be more toxic.

1897689_10152282221561171_1917887770_nOne of the harmful ingredients used in the product, Imidacloprid, is rated as moderately toxic by the World Health Organization and has been know to cause fatigue, cramping and in some cases asphyxia (which is a deficiency of oxygen in the body.) It has also been linked to thyroid lesions in dogs, as well as organ damage muscle weakness, breathing Problems, and even reproductive problems in cats and dogs.

The ‘Flea Arsenal’ is a compendium of alternative methods of handling fleas. It is available for free download  from the Flea Free Organically website blog. Please leave your email address  if you would like ongoing updates and current research findings.

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