Business Update…

logo2We have been in business for 8 years now. When we started no one know about DE. Now, we have orders from Australia and Latvia in Europe. This was the goal to give people an option to toxic flea medications and other toxins in the home. Over time we have done a lot of research trying to find healthy alternatives to government sectioned house hold products. (Protection Products). Spot flea medication, heartworm medication, and flea shampoos. Now we have Nutritional grade DE which is one grade above food grade. It’s hard to come by and must be shipped but we don’t charge any more for it than the food grade which can now be purchase almost anywhere plants are sold. Nutritional grade is cleaner and finer with significantly more Calcium Bentonite. You can keep up with our research by opting in for the newsletter at the Flea Free Organically website. We occationally put up discount coupons for free products. Our goal was always to keep people informed and give them options. There are many sites out there now who do what we do. In the beginning we had no competition. Some even do it better but we are the only ones who offer the Nutritional grade and capsules so that taking DE is easier with just the right amount of DE. Come see how our list of Protection Products has grown over the years while working with scientist who share our vision.

Watch for our new Mutter Recipe which will contain coconut oil and turmeric.

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