10 Ways To Get Rid Of Fleas on Dogs

logo2Olive Oil

Generally speaking, natural oils can prove to be effective in getting rid of fleas on dogs as it kills them and avoids their propagation. Among other choices, one of the most popular would be olive oil as it is a common item in many household kitchens. Simply rub the oil on your pet starting from the face going to the back. This is recommended in order to avoid having the fleas get in contact with the eyes. Leave it for at for at least four hours and rinse thoroughly afterward.


If you have a dog and you often eat lemon, oranges, or grapefruits, you can consider the citrus peels as natural way of removing fleas. Have the peels simmer in a pan filled with water for about 15 minutes. This will allow you to create citrus oil. Allow it to cool down and pour it on your dog while making sure of even distribution to cover all areas.


There are many brands of natural dog shampoos containing eucalyptus and you can easily make one on your own at home. One thing that you can do is to simply mix cornstarch with dried eucalyptus leaves. You can also consider a combination of water, soap, and eucalyptus oil. Another possible option would be using a folded cloth with few drops of eucalyptus oil as a dog collar.

White Vinegar

The white vinegar that you have in the kitchen can prove to be useful not just for adding robust flavor when cooking but also in treating fleas in dogs. Look for any spray bottle and have it filled with one part vinegar and three parts water. You can consider adding a drop of any essential oil that is available. Spray it lightly on your dogs or in areas where your dogs frequently stay, such as in the couch.


Salt is another kitchen staple that serves more than just a flavoring for food. To use it in the treatment of fleas in dogs. This will be applied not directly on the dog, but on the areas where flea eggs are, such as in your furniture. Simply have it sprinkled with rock salt, leave it for a couple of days, and vacuum afterwards. One general rule would be using finer salt as it can prove to be more effective.


While this one may seem an odd idea, banana peels will actually work in order to help you control fleas. Simply put banana peels in the floor or in your furniture. Many say that it is the potassium in it that kills fleas. Make sure to put the banana peel in an area that is hidden to avoid the possibility of having them eaten by your pets.

Apple Cider Vinegar

One way of using apple cider vinegar to prevent fleas is to allow the dog to have it taken orally. All that you need to do is combine one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in your pet’s water. It will gradually seep into the skin, which fleas will find to be unpleasant.


Consider making a rosemary tea for the prevention of fleas in your dogs. First, add chopped rosemary in water and allow it to boil. Let it rest and wait until it reaches room temperature. Bathe your dog with the use of a normal shampoo. After which, use the rosemary concoction as your final rinse. This will not only provide a good smell on your dog, but will also discourage the presence of fleas.

Brewer’s Yeast

To use this natural flea prevention technique, just mix brewer’s yeast tablets on the food eaten by your dog. Like in the case of apple cider vinegar, this will be excreted in the pores of your dogs and yeast can be prevented. Do not forget to ask your veterinarian about the dosage that is best, which will basically depend on the size of your dog.

Diatomaceous Earth

Rub a teaspoon into each area (depending on dog size) You don’t need a lot just even coverage. You pet will shake of the loose dust anyway. Start at the head and work down. Be sure to get under the chin, chest and stomach. Don’t forget the legs, that’s where they go went leaving the body area. If you put down a thin layer on the ground it will kill the fleas when they land. (very important)


This is the cheapest and most practical way by which you can treat fleas in your pet. Cleanliness is perhaps the best way to get rid of them. Make sure that you bathe your dog regularly. Allow the dog to dip in a tub that is filled with water. This will allow the fleas to fall out naturally and easily since they do not cling on the hair shaft.


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