DE and HeartWorm

There are some good vetsConcerning DE and heartworm, it has come to our attention that one of the statements made in Mutter Butter may not be true. However, having said that the statement, cannot be disproved until actual studies are done. We have done 8 years of research with Diatomaceous Earth. We also accept comments form sources with expertise in the areas of animal and human care. We have added a statement in the webpage to caution people using Mutter Butter for heartworm. San Diego has a very low incidence of heartworm so its not much of a problem. If you are using for the purpose, please be sure to get your dog tested for heartworm before and after. To date, there has been not conclusive tests done on Diatomaceous Earth for the purpose of heartworm. We ask that anyone having experience with DE on Heartworm contact us with their findings.

We know from almost 80 years of DE use by farmers and 3000 years of other cultures such as the Mayans and the Egyptians of DE use in cattle as well as equestrian veterinarians  effectively using DE for deworming but not specifically for heartworm.

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