I have to apologize to my animal loving friends

581019_260600334036852_116297395133814_523983_1825910937_nI have to apologize to my animal loving friends, who came to my FB to stay updated on Flea Free Organically. Things have changed. Yes Diatomaceous earth is effective against fleas and worms but now there are new products out there that work as well or better and yes they are none toxic or organic. We at FFO will be focusing on the many health benefits of Diatomaceous earth  and not so much on the anti-flea properties. Until the earth is replenished by 15% of diatomaceous earth, we, will need to supplement it in our diets. In the Blog at fleafreeorganically.com, is a post called, ‘Just Benefits’, which lists all the advantages of adding this natural element in your diet. We Will be changing things to give even more sustainable ‘Protection Products’ in the future. Having said this I will further apologize for making my FB page a political one. When you consider that my business is also political in that we provide protection from government sanctioned toxins, it may help you understand why I am so passionate politically. I don’t expect that to change in the near future. So, fasten your seat belts. It a long way to November and beyond.

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