CROWD FUNDING STARTS HERE. I apologize…My FaceBook page has become increasingly political. I love my company, I love animals, and I have hope that my country will recover from the prolific corruption that has taken it over since Kennedy. Help me get through this, please. Please be patient…because I swear… if Bernie is elected, I will make this webpage about animal and human health, exclusively. I’ve had a lot of problems and health issues in the last three years but I am not giving up on providing ‘Protection Products’ for animals and their people. My hope is that I will never need to provide ‘Protection Products’ to protect us from the deliberate poisoning from our own government again. My hope is that Bernie, will put me out of business. Thankfully that probably wont happen because I sell a nutritional DE that is hard to come by. 15% of the farmable land is depleted of this earth element. I have worked for 8 years to get Diatomaceous earth  to people and I have accomplished that. 8 years ago, no one knew about it,  now it is in every pet store and  garden shop where it wasn’t before. I have been educating people of its properties in Europe, Australia and even Latvia. Some gardeners, farmers and equestrian Vets may have been aware of it but not its in-exhaustive benefits.

Because Flea Free Organically is philanthropic venture It deserves to continue to be available to people who care about themselves their pets and the environment. Protection Products are very special. They must be from nature, have multiple benefits give something back to the planet. Right now there are only 3 products, Nutritional Diatomaceous earth.

Janelle Diters, Owner | Operator

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