Kody’s Story

I created Flea Free Organically, posthumously for Kody. Here is his story:  After my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s the family dog had become my mother’s  service dog. After her death, he became my service dog. He served our family for 12 years before dying from a reaction to one of the spot flea treatments.  Kody was 80% wolf. There are no fleas in the arctic  so most wolves are allergic to fleas. He almost died from his allergy to fleas, so against my better judgment, I started giving him spot flea treatments. He survived 4 treatments  until he was no longer able to walk.

I did some research and found diatomaceous earth. Farmer’s have been using it for over one hundred years on farms animals to control internal and external parasites. More specifically fleas and worms. We use Canadian DE because it has more Calcium Bentonite which is a nutritional grade, (one grade above food grade), which acts as a detox for parasites, heavy metals, and even treats and protects against radiation.  FDA (gras), USDA and list in the international food codex, as safe for human and animal consumption. You can keep you your family, the earth and you best friends happy, healthy and flea free organically…for life.  Kody’s not here to benefit from Flea Free Organically but you, your family and your pets can. It comes in a powder and can be added to food or you can give it to dogs in  a treat form, Mutter Butter, is an all organic treat made with coconut flour, turmeric, and other healthy, organic ingredients.


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