We’ve talked about fleas

…..now let’s discuss other bugs, like cockroaches.

Place A Few Of These Leaves Around Your House And You’ll NEVER

See Cockroaches Again!

These insects are absolutely repulsive.  They bite, they carry germs, they communicate via  their feces!  I had a friend who leased an apartment and he kept the place absolutely spotless but he kept finding these nasty little critters. It turned out that the building had an infestation decades ago, and no matter how many times they brought in exterminators, they kept coming back.

So what the are we supposed to do about cockroaches? They can actually survive a nuclear blast.. But fortunately, there is indeed a way to thwart these bugs and all you need are… bay leaves and Smart Choice for a backup!

Bay leaves are a surprisingly powerful and natural cockroach repellent!

Yes, bay leaves… the herb that you put in your stews and soups. To understand why this works, most insects (except bee’s) communicate chemically by leaving a chemical train of excretions or feces. Their droppings give off an odor that tells other cockroaches where to find food and water, leading to infestations. And that’s where bay leaves come in. Cockroaches hate the smell of bay leaves, making them an excellent all-natural repellant! Just place bay leaves around all the corners of your house, particularly in areas with food, such as your kitchen and under the sink. It’s also a good idea to put them in your garden! Using diatomaceous earth works instantly and for a long period of time. Smart Choice kills them on contact. (very satisfying) Just make sure you have your sprayer on the edge of the counter for a quick shot…bang….dead. You can use dried or fresh bay leaves, although it’s recommended that you use dried, crushed bay leaves since they’ll give off the strongest scent that way.

We don’t sell bay leaves but you can purchase your multi-purpose ‘Smart Choice’ at: www.fleafreeorganically.com

Make sure you share this very useful tip with your family and friends and let us know if you give it a try!

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