Because we no long have these in California and to be truthful they are still plastic that could end up in the ocean, I will no longer be making these. From now on they will be made our of 4 ply worsted yarn. They stretch and really hold a lot of groceries. Im lowering the donation to $50 and you will still be able to get one of three items that we still sell. Because of illness I have had to reduce the companies offerings to three items.

Nutritional Diatomaceous Earth:  which is one grade above food grade and contains 1/3 more Calcium Bentonite. Its hard to come by but it is still the same price as the food grade. $15 for a 4-5 lb bag +$5 shipping

Mutter Butter: a Nutritious organic treat made with natural peanut butter, Nutritional DE, Coconut Flour, Turmeric and organic chicken or beef stock. Small to medium sized dog is $25 for one month +  $5 shipping.

Smart Choice: A unique multi-functional cleaner/sanitizer made from vegetables. Colloidal technology along with other technologies give it its unique properties.



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