Mutter Butter Dog Treats


A Unique all organic treat for dogs, kill worms and intestinal parasites, detoxes heavy metals, and keeps your pet healthy and out of the Vets office. It even protects against heart worm. Usually if your dog is small to medium they will last several months. Order Mutter Butter Now, for the health of your pet.

Product Description

Mutter Butter single flyer radiationMutter Butter single flyer radiationMutter Butter Dog Treats work the same way the powder does:
Helps control worms, heavy metal toxicity, even protects against heart-worm.
70% you your pet’s immune system is in their gut. Now with just a daily treat your pet will be happy and healthy for a lifetime.
Other Benefits for a daily treat

• Better food uptake
• Better Bowel function
• Reduces odor
• Increased immune system
• Prevents heart worm and intestinal parasites with regular use
• Removes toxins and heavy metals from the body
• Hairballs reduction
• Better elimination
• Cleaner colon, veins, and arteries
• Reduces Blood Pressure and Cholesterol by reducing Plaque
• Reduces joint pain
• Improves coat, energy and overall health


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