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Think You Don’t Have Parisites?
…Think Again:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0mtvzlTFgQ
This 5 minute video is the most important video you will ever see:

….Your doctor won’t tell you, you have worms, because His cure is worse than the disease and very toxic.

Warning: this video is not pleasant.  We all have parasites, especially if you eat sushi, If you have pets, you have them. If you don’t wash your food or eat junk food, sugar, cheese, milk, alcohol…. you have them.


Diatomaceous earth is a healthy way to rid your body of parasites including Candida! It is illegal for me to say that Candida is cured by DE…but in fact… it is!

If you care about your health  and the health of your family please watch this video.  US DE will work but you need to take twice as much and it doesn’t have the extra detoxing factor as Canadian DE which is the nutrient grade, one grade above food grade. It has 50% more Bentonite. We are the only ones who carry this grade. In the near, future it will be in pill form.

The company that provides this video carries U.S. DE which is white. Our DE is gray because of the extra Bentonite. They both work and cost about the same, ours is just a better grade.

There are many links here. We consider all of them to be important….but maybe this one for love: http://iheartdogs.com/5-ways-to-tell-your-dogs-you-love-them-in-their-language/?utm_source=FB-Ad_Content_5WaysLoveLanguageDESK&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=FB-Ad_Content_5WaysLoveLanguageDESK


If you can’t care for your pet…let us help

New service…

…relinquish or Find your special pet.


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Nutritional Grade DE (one grade above food grade) is cleaner and finer with 30% more Calcium Bentonite. The Calcium Bentonite is more bio-available so you don’t need to take Calcium supplements.

Nutritional Diatomaceous Earth is renowned to have many uses in promoting health in plants, animals and humans. Bentonite, Montmorillonite, Pascalite, and other types of healing clays, have been used by indigenous cultures since before recorded history. Naturally absorbent and extremely gentle on the system. Nutritional Diatomaceous Earth is a powerful detoxifier. Edible healing clays can treat various skin and internal ailments and attracts and neutralizes poisons in the intestinal tract. It enriches and balances blood. It can eliminate food poisoning and parasites, and  adsorbs radiation. During WWII tests were done on radiation victims of Hiroshima. The control group where given Nutritional Diatomaceous Earth. 70% survived, while only 20% of the other group survived. Clay was used during the Balkan war of 1910 to reduce mortality from cholera among the soldiers from sixty to three percent. In his book, Knishinsky states some of the benefits reported by people using liquid clay for a period of two to four weeks include: improved intestinal regularity; relief from chronic constipation, diarrhea, indigestion, and ulcers; a surge in physical energy; clearer complexion; brighter, whiter eyes; enhanced alertness; emotional uplift; improved tissue and gum repair;  and increased resistance to infections.

YouTube is a good source for learning about the benefits of DE. Some have misinformation, such as FDA who cannot legally approve of any natural element but they can give a ‘gras’ , or “generally considered save”. In addition it has many international approvals which you can find on this pages.

Note:     Please remember that we are the only carriers of Nutritional DE which is finer and has about 30% more Calcium Bentonite.

YouTube on Diatomaceous Earth:

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LO0I9TwZ6Z0
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZpUVWN4Wsc
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgblV37Z4yY
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nvkb7cuVkHQ


A Legacy—Your Footprint

Please consider leaving something in your will and estate plans for th319763_361270820595086_137894782932692_935057_63248092_ne continued care of your own pets and also to PAWS.
This is a simple procedure and can make an incredible difference.
Suggested Bequest Language To PAWS I give the sum of $______ to Pet Adoption and Welfare Society of Carteret, a nonprofit incorporated in the state of North Carolina, and located in Morehead City, for the general purpose to help rescued, abandoned, and homeless pets. Federal Tax ID: 58-1596758

This is where you come if you want to get rid of flea, worms, parasites and heavy metals. It is also where you come if you want to keep the toxic substances out of your home and get free super foods. Feel free to check out the blog articles. If your main concern is fleas download the article ‘Flea Arsenal’. There is a wealth of knowledge there and is updated periodically as we find new research.


If only the main 3 products are adopted into your home life, you will be able to protect you, your family, and pets from government sanctioned toxins, stop poisoning your pets and family, and grow your own, free, super food groceries. This last step is probably the most important one. You will never be able to find vegetables that are this nutritious anywhere else in the world. Watch this short video and you will see what we mean.


  ‘Protection Products’

With these products, you can reduce the amount of toxicity in your home by 75%

1. Nutritional Grade:

(one grade above food grade) Ditomaceous Earth. It is cleaner and finer with 30%  more Bentonite. We have two sizes. Small (5 lbs)At $15 and large 12 lbs at $25

2. Mutter Butter:

A treat for dogs that de-worms, and protects against heart worm (It is the pet owners responsibility to have their animal checked for heartworm, before and after treatment to determine the level of heartworm activity. Please see article on DE and HeartWorm on the blog.) and radiation with many other health benefits, such as heavy metal detoxing and calcium support. Now with coconut flour and Turmeric $25

Chess pup




3.  Smart Choice:

Is a vegetable based antiseptic and cleaner. A few drops in your drinking water will reduce Nitrates and Nitrites in your system. It is also an excellent soil amendment. Sale!! Now $7.00

4.  Tower Garden:

A self contained garden and compost  in a 4 x 5 ft container. The compost runs down the middle. Put in kitchen scraps and a few worms and it automatically feeds the whole system. Feeds a family of 6 and can carry 50+ plants.

Order Here!

   You gotta see this video!!!!:


Order here for discounts:

Purchase Here….http://gardentowerproject.com/store/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=50&tracking=FFO


Emergency Pets at Home Card $10

single my dog is home alond







Flea Markets:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7lo1wdtuSo


Tower with boarder

Purchase the Tower Garden Here…..Discounts may apply by using this link:  

Purchase Here……http://gardentowerproject.com/store/index.php?route=common/home&tracking=FFO

6. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance (* NEW)   The Pet medical industrial works the same way human medical insurance does. I first makes the immune system challenged by mandating  injection lased with toxic element that sicken and sabotage your pet’s health. (list) As if that weren’t enough, they then promotes the eradication of worms and fleas with more toxic/deadly neurotoxins and of course the repercussion is multiple life long visits to the vet. That’s why we started Flea Free Organically…to give people a choice to health extortion. We offer ‘Protection Products’. We now offer pet insurance because some pet procedures are more expensive than the same procedure done on humans. If you can arm yourself with healthy alternative that continuously de-tox your pet and back it up with health insurance, you can feel confident that your best friend is taken care of, and those trips to the vet office will be extremely rare. A little money now will save you a ton of money later.




Click on the link and get a quote for your dog or cats size.





  • Nutritional Diatomaceous Earth in Pill form!

  • Mutter Butter: now has Coconut flour and Turmeric!

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See the benefits of Diatomaceous Earth below.

Note: This is how it is. If you want food freedom….and I don’t care how you get it, with the system in this link or with the Tower Garden… apathy is not an option. If you want healthy food for your family.

Heavy Metals Are Making You Dumb & They’re in the Foods You Would Least Expect

* Diatomaceous Earth is the simplest and healthiest way 

to rid your body of  Heavy Metals.


**The Tower Garden will protect you

against fraud, GMO’s, Cheimcals and high prices

in the organic & non-organic food industry


Click on graphics to read them


Our DE is from Canada.
It is cleaner and finer than than what is mined in the U.S.,
so you only need to take half as much.  We do not practice price gouging and are generally about 50% cheaper than what is carried in stores.

My service dog died from a reaction to one of the spot flea treatments. My business, Flea Free Organically, is based on healthy alternatives that works.

Our main product is Diatomaceous Earth from Canada. It contains more Calcium Bentonite to de-tox heavy metals from animals and humans. This amazing natural occurring element also kills fleas/bugs and will safe guard pets and people from worms, and intestinal parasites. One product does all this and more.


I have set up this educational website with the research I’ve done over the past 8 years. Please take advantage of my work, if not the ‘Protection Products’ offered here.

Diatomaceous Earth can be found in some stores now but what is being sold is a poor quality. Our Diatomaceous Earth is dark grey and has many time the Bentonite, or  de-toxing factor than what is mined in the U.S.  It is finer and cleaner so you only need to take half as much.


Our job is to get the word out. Don’t care where you get your DE but use it… for the protection of your pets…and family.

A list of uses is provided on this site. Diatomaceous Earth not Zeolite for Humans

Some Important YouTube Videos:



The importance of learning about your exposure to heavy metals cannot be over estimated. Your pets have three times the heavy metals as you do. We are all over exposed and need to detox on a regular basis. Please view this video to understand how these these metals affect you and your body.

(NaturalNews) I’ve just posted an informative new video which explains why heavy metals are so toxic to human health, with details on how each heavy metal impacts particular organs in the body.

The video covers the toxicity of:

• Aluminum
• Arsenic
• Cadmium
• Copper
• Lead
• Mercury

In this video, you’ll learn many astonishing facts about where toxic heavy metals come from, which organs they tend to target, and even how heavy metals can cause personality changes in humans.

It’s true: Copper toxicity can lead to mental instability and insanity, while cadmium toxicity can lead to an aggressive, “bullying” personality with frequent outbursts of anger.

To help readers avoid heavy metals in their foods, we’ve begun posting food research results at Labs.NaturalNews.com, where hundreds of different foods, superfoods and nutritional products are in the process of being posted with their heavy metals composition analysis. (More results are being posted each week…)

Using this information, consumers can greatly reduce their intake of toxic heavy metals, thereby protecting their bodies from cumulative heavy metals toxicity.

Use this information to avoid metals that can harm you the most

People can also specifically seek to reduce specific metals that might target organs where they already have weakness or vulnerability. For example:

• People with kidney disease should seek to drastically reduce cadmium intake.

• People with cancer should drastically reduce arsenic intake.

• People with mental health issues should drastically reduce copper intake.

• People with cognitive disorders or depression should drastically reduce lead intake.

• People with Alzheimer’s or dementia should drastically reduce aluminum intake.

Watch my full video explanation here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWZeV89M3MI#t=29

Take advantage of our other ‘Protection Products’ as well

  • Mutter Butter
  • Smart Choice
  • The Tower Garden Project


Coming Soon:

  • Beta Glucan: Cancer Prevention
  • Pro-Biotic: A Propitiatory Blend for Pets and People

At Reasonable Prices

List of Diatomaceous Earths Benefits;

  • Effectively treats Lupus Patients
  • Candida
  • Effectively treats Fungus’s such as Candida
  • Reduces heavy metal,
  • Heart & Lung-worm,
  • Radiation
  • Arthritis
  • Worms & parasites
  • Lowers bad cholesterol and raised good
  • Fades age spots
  • Paste of Silica and water eases itching and draws out toxins
  • Stimulates metabolism for higher energy levels
  • Its negative charge bacteria a positive charge. bacteria are in its structures
  • Maintain vital lung tissue and protects them from pollution by maintaining or restoring the elasticity of lung tissue,
  •  Silica reduces inflammation in bronchitis.
  • It acts as a cough decreasing agent.
  • Silica tones the upper respiratory tract (nose, pharynx, larynx) and reduces swelling  because of its positive action on the lymphatic system.
  • Reduces Menopausal stress
  • Prevent premature aging
  • Prevent kidney stones and heal infections of the urinary tract.
  • It is a natural diuretic which can increase excretion of urine by 30 percent, thus flushing the water-excreting system and restoring normal function to these vital organs.
  • The presence of sufficient silica in the intestines will reduce inflammation of the intestinal tract. It can cause disinfection in the case of stomach and intestinal mucus and ulcers.
  • Silica can prevent or clear up diarrhea and its opposite, constipation.
  • Silica will help normalize hemorrhoidal tissues.
  • In regulating and normalizing the bowels, silica has a pleasant side effect; it can alleviate lower back pain, which often troubles the elderly.
  • Silica proves effective with female discharge, abscesses and ulcers in the genital area and cervix, as well as mastitis (especially for breast feeding mothers).
  • Has anti-inflammatory disinfecting, absorbing and odor binding effects
  • Silica can decrease vertigo, headache, tinnitus (buzzing of the ears) and insomnia Silica can help diabetes by promoting synthesis of elastase inhibitor by the pancreas.
  • Inproves the elasticity of the joints, silica helps rheumatism
  • Silica has inhibitory effects on coronary diseases
  • Silica can help avoiding or alleviating Alzheimer’s disease by

preventing the body from absorbing aluminum and may flush out
aluminum from the tissues. Silica can stimulate the immune system.


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pets f vets

We can eat them or befriend them….they can kill us or save us….we must decide what part animals will play in our lives,  I believe a hundred years from now we will look back on our relationship with animals and feel absolute shame. They deserve the best that we can give them.